Empowering Women

We are keen and committed to address the gender imbalance facing women in the  agriculture and employment sectors

Despite the fact that women make up to 80% of Kenyan’s farmers, majority do not own their farms and may not necessarily benefit from the proceeds of the farms. We are committed to looking an innovative ways that women in the agriculture sector can actively participate and fully benefit in the value chain 

Currently only 29 percent of those earning a formal wage throughout the country are women – leaving a large proportion to work in the informal employment sector.

With nearly 40 percent of households being run solely by women, coupled with the lack of fair income, many of these homes suffer from poverty or extreme poverty.

We are providing decent jobs,  majority of who are women, with competitively remuneration and good working conditions. We are offering farmers’ particularly women with training on Good Agriculture practices.

Our Support

Exotic EPZ’s in partnership with other like minded organizations, aims to offer women the necessary support and infrastructure to help them and their families flourish through but not limited to;

  • Providing training on financial literacy and access to credit facilities
  • Social empowerment programs in areas of nutrition and reproductive health
  • Strengthening and building capacity of female aggregators

As Exotic grows, we will ensure all our stakeholders grow with us – continuously developing and improving our products and services.

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