Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a vegetable oil obtained from sesame seed.

Sesame oil primarily consists of polyunsaturated acids (PUFA) which could be loosely known as the omega-6 fats. The color of the oil from sesame seed varies from light to deep reddish yellow depending on the pressing process and the color of the seeds used

Uses of sesame oil include:

  1. used for deep frying.
  2. It is used as a solvent in injected drugs or intravenous drip solutions.
  3. As a cosmetics carrier oil.
  4. For coating stored grains to prevent weevil attacks.
  5. Low-grade oil is used locally in soaps, paints, lubricants, and illuminants

Health Benefits of sesame oil include:

-Enhances quality of bones

-Lower blood pressure

-Helps prevent diabetes

-Boosts metabolism and circulation

-Slows down skin aging

-Relieves Rheumatoid  Arthritis pain

Exotic Sesame

Exotic Sesame oil is triple filtered to ensure total removal of physical impurities. It’s processed under hygienic condition and supervision with relevant competent expertise being utilized to assure supply of good quality. It’s primarily used for further processing of edible oil (refining) and cosmetic industries.

Handling & Storage: 

General good hygienic practices and good manufacturing practices are observed during handling.


Packed in 200 liter food grade high density polypropylene gallon. Samples are delivered in 500ml PET containers.

Shelf life:

Best before 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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